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Take complete control of your construction business through BuilderTek's advanced software services, and we can even enable you with personalized functionalities.

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BuilderTek Services

BuilderTek has been an exclusive ISV Partner of
Salesforce® for over 8 years!

We are a Salesforce® service provider.  We use our many years of experience to help our customers grow their business, as well as retain and enhance current businesses by customizing Salesforce®.com to meet your unique business processes.

What can BuilderTek do for you?

Salesforce® Development Services

We can implement precise features and functionalities of Salesforce®, such as IoT, Einstein AI, Analytics, and tailored applications.

  • check-markDevelopment – Enable and implement business processes that are exclusive to your organizations by utilizing this influencing platform.
  • check-markIntegration – Integrate numerous data sources on a real-time basis to the applications.
  • check-markMigration – Migrate your current apps in other technologies to a required solution.

Salesforce Consulting Services

With a proficient team of Experienced and Certified Consultants, we help to make Salesforce implementations effortless and effective for our clients.

  • check-markDefine Business Objectives – Our consulting team helps in enabling reports with better visibility, trim down sales cycles, automate sales, and customer services related processes
  • check-markRecommend the most fitting Salesforce edition – We analyze your needs and recommend a suitable edition, which will be a precise match for your current and futuristic business
  • check-markDesigning processes in Salesforce – We automate sales, customer service, and marketing processes to assist our clients in reaching out to their business goals with Salesforce.

Salesforce Training

We provide custom Salesforce training for your company, so your operations prolong to run effortlessly and efficiently.

  • check-markTraining Skills – We provide training to help boost the skill-sets of your employees and customer’s.
  • check-markImprove the Platform – Our team understand the ins and outs of making the platform work flawlessly with Salesforce.
  • check-markTraining Implementation – Our team creates training workflows and templates configured to meet your explicit business needs.

UI Path Development

UI Path development solutions are extensible tools that can be scaled-up and customized to your explicit requirements across Salesforce.

  • check-markUI Path Consulting – Our team assists you define the precise uses cases and strategy of the UI path platform, helps in simplification for automation to handle the workforce
  • check-markUI Path Implementation – With UI path implementation, we deliver both attended and unattended bots; handling the orchestration of the workforce to enterprise demands
  • check-markUI Path Upgrades – We analyze your systems to make sure compatibility and data protection are at the forefront when upgrading your existing version of UiPath Enterprise edition.

System Integration & Architecture

We help with system integration and architecture for those who assess the architecture environment and design scalable technical solutions on the Salesforce Platform that meet system integration requirements.

  • check-markAnalyze System Integrations – Analyze currently active and futuristic states of system integration & architecture.
  • check-markDesign Integrations – Design higher performing, highly secure, and consistent integrations with the platform and other enterprise apps.
  • check-markCommunicate Design – Efficiently communicate architecture design to numerous stakeholders at different levels.

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